I'm the Director os Social Media for Barkley, an integrated marketing agency based in Kansas City and the Chairmen of Social Media Club of Kansas City.

My passion has always revolved around the way people communicate & the technology they use to spread culture & ideas.  The last 10 years has only scratched the surface of what the social web has to offer to both people & business and as this infrastructure connects to wearable computing, big data & the internet of things, you can bet I'll be right in the eye of the storm.

Here you'll find my take on everything marketing, emerging & social media & agile marketing.  Please connect with me through whatever channel is your poison. 


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Dan Pink's Drive Animation

Last year I wrote a book review on Dan Pink's book, Drive.  

A year later, it's core messages are still stuck in my head and I still recommend it do anyone that will listen. Especially those friends that are looking for a career change or feel stuck in their current jobs.

Chris Riebschlager from the 816 recently posted this video on his Facebook and I just had to post it here.

Do yourself a favor and pick up Drive today.

RSA Animate -- Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us from Daniel Pink on Vimeo.


Social Media Will Destroy Your Family!

A funny if not a bit long video parody of social media addiction.

Great 80's video filter!

Reminded me of a post I just read over on Ramsey's blog, "I'm thankful for technology, but don't let it ruin your life."


Google Goggles Testing Advertising Recognition

This video speaks directly to my last post, How Mobile & QR Codes Really Do Change Everything

Looks like Google is testing advertising recognition capabilities of Google Goggles with some large brands, T-Mobile, Diageo, Buick, Disney & Delta.

This will be the next jump from QR codes and is a smart move from Google.  Not only will they be the first to roll out the technology, but will also own the analytics of where (geo) and when these ads are pictured. Very juicy information for a brand to have.


How Mobile & QR Codes Really do Change Everything


"The hyperlink is the fundamental building block of the InternetInternet, and effectively ties reference points to useful content. Without the hyperlink, the web would be nothing more than silos of content lacking semantic connections.

Traditionally, hyperlinks live in browser windows on desktop monitors. Today, however, some hyperlinks are moving offline, where they can be “clicked” by people roaming the real world." - Hamilton Chan via @Mashable

Alway simple, always fitting together in your head like a really good game of Tetris, and ALWAYS lifting a veil off my world and how I saw it previously. My hands down, absolute favorite thing in life is the power of the "Game Changing Idea".

I came across Hamilton Chan's article in Mashable this weekend, Why the Best Online Marketing May Be Headed Offline.  In it Hamilton expresses the idea above and how QR codes are like hyperlinks in the real world.  I'm sure this isn't the first someone has said this, but it's the first time I've seen it and it clicked.  More of a audible pop actually.

you won't go anywhere without seeing an easy example of how QR integration will open up our world.

We've always looked at webpage urls at the bottom of print & out of home advertising and said, Really?  You really think that your that cool that I'm going to go home and remember your 30 character url?  Marketers knew that we needed it on there in the name of integrated marketing and now the answer is has presented itself.  The combo of QR codes and mobile are a tag team that will allow us to quickly attain information about the world around us as well as allow people to track out attention more precisely in the open world.  Retail will change forever.


Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Time 

In KC you always know that the holidays are on their way when you start to hear chatter begin about the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  Social Media Club Kansas City was lucky enough to have Ramsey Mohsen at our last breakfast to talk about the origins of the annual party and how the group utilizes social media to spread the message and raise money every year for Project Breakthrough.

Last year they raised over $18k for the local charity and this year they're shooting for $20k.  That's a lot of cheese to raise for an event that started in a basement less than 10 years ago.

It's always fun to hear Ramsey talk social media.  His gig at Digital Evolution Group brings him some killer experience with some big brands and his own video blogging puts him on the top of the list in local video journalism.  Ramsey gets better access than any traditional journalist in town.

Check out his presentation below and head to the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party site to get tickets or donate.