I'm the Director os Social Media for Barkley, an integrated marketing agency based in Kansas City and the Chairmen of Social Media Club of Kansas City.

My passion has always revolved around the way people communicate & the technology they use to spread culture & ideas.  The last 10 years has only scratched the surface of what the social web has to offer to both people & business and as this infrastructure connects to wearable computing, big data & the internet of things, you can bet I'll be right in the eye of the storm.

Here you'll find my take on everything marketing, emerging & social media & agile marketing.  Please connect with me through whatever channel is your poison. 


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Twitter's Next Big Idea:  Emails?


Today I began recieving more emails from Twitter, lots of them.  Not only email notifications for direct messages, but for metions, favoriting and even retweets as seen above.  So before we start crying out to the spam gods, keep reading below.

Groundbreaking, nope.  Does it make sense?  Tons.

#Dickbar wasn't much of a success and sponsored tweets are yet to convince some of their ability to finaly monetize Twitter and put them into the black for the first time since their inception.

That combined with some studies coming back saying that Twitter may be beginning to stall out with over 50% of tweets being sent by .05% of Twitter users, the rise of super spam and new stat that says that Twitter is losing as many users as it gains each day and you can clearly see that a new plan is needed.

Do I think it's dying?  Not hardly.  With the adoption of Twitter throughout pop culture and more importantly traditional media, it would seem that this partnership won't be going anywhere soon.  What they have is a usibility problem keeping them from hitting the real trajectory that Facebook has.  

Now with the possiblility of losing momentum, it's time to try and hook the masses into the core drug of Twitter which those of us that have been using Tweetdeck got connected with early on.  

Being retweeted feels good folks, same with being mentioned and favorited.  It fuels us to continue sharing and keep that big social circle turning and Twitter is hoping that letting folks know this through good old fashion email, that they'll help nudge people into a heavier user category.

I've seen my fair share of nay-sayers turn a full 180 degrees once their favorite brand interacted with them or a message they sent out caught some social wind and was retweeted a few times.  So I do think it's smart, and is getting back to the core of why people use Twitter in the first place.  



This Week in Links

Jen at the Nelson-Atkins in KC this weekend


A taste of the best blogs and articles I read last week.


It’s happening!  Top 10 Rapture bomb pics-  This turned into a small meme last week-  Pretty funny

Netflix now the largest single source of internet traffic in North America!

Hackers brought down Sony’s Playstation online gaming network for almost a month.  Ouch!  Check out what that means to their business.

Stealth Mobile Adverstising startup “Kiip” aims to turn mobile ads into real-life rewards


KLM and Spanair give gifts to their passengers.  GREAT CAMPAIGNS!!!  THANKS CASSANDRA!

How Aveda avoided a social promotion backlash:  This will put a lump in your throat, but transparency saved the day

Fans crack twitter code for sneak peek at new batman film


Facebook tells pharma brand the must allow comments-  This could make it tough for locked down industries like PHARMA to paticipate in Social Media

Will EMR (electronic medical records) disengage doctors from patients?


The real cost of social media

The demographics of social media.  Check it out, may surprise you :)


3 unique ways to read your news this weekend

HOW TO:  Use social media during your family vacation-  I like this one

BRAIN CANDY:  Things to jumpstart your brain

Human business is social business-  David Armano from Edelman Digital gives a great keynote on the concept of human businesses.  

A conversation about 2011-12 trends in social media-  I like Brian Solis and this video shows you why


Google Coming to KCMO Too! #GoogletoKC

Just weeks after the announcement that KCKC would be the first city in America to boast Google's ultra high speed internet through fiber.  KCMO makes the announcement today that it too will be getting Fiber through a partnership through the city and KCP&L.  Huge news for KCK & KCMO alike.

Some great bullet points from The Star's note's fromt he announcement-

-- Google said it won't put the entire city online at once, but that it does expect to roll out the service in big chunks rather than dribble it out.

-- Kansas City Mayor Sly James and Kansas City, Kan., Mayor Joe Reardon announced a new "Bi-State Innovations Team" that will look for ways to put Google Fiber to community use.

-- Google will provide free Internet connections to 300 city offices and schools in Kansas City. In smaller Kansas City, Kan., it promises 160 free hook-ups.

-- Google repeated its intent to make money off the deal. "This is not a loss leader for us," said Milo Medin, the vice president of Google Access.

(bullets via Steve Rosen's notes from the Star)

Of course they couldn't pass up the chance to shoot another promo video that teams up Google employees and KC business owners and politicians.  



Great thing for our new mayor to be a part of straight out of the gate-

Here's a great quote:

"We're not changing the game. We've started a different one."-KCMO Mayor Sly James


D&D Links 5.16.2011

Last week's big news links-

I share these weekly with my co-workers at MBB and thought I might as well share them here too:

Happy Monday MBB Tribe!

Remember that the monthly D&D meeting will be this Friday at 8:30am in the DCR-

Looking forward to a great discussion and we’ll of course have some brain food to munch on while we chat everything digital!

Now on to the show!


Microsoft buys Skyp for over $8 Billion!  Check out this infographic to give yourself a small history lesson on Skype and why it was worth that much cash!

Man uses Prey to track stolen MacBook Pro hundreds of miles, calls thief-  This one is just in the cool bucket.  Really cool what tech is doing for security-

Man dies due to a New Facebook Craze Called “Planking”-  Well it’s not very new, but the phenomena did begin online-  Search it on google


How the US Air Force Constructs Social Media Policy-  A great lesson on how the govt sees social media tools

As Social Media Moves Towards Gamification, How Can Brands Benefit?

Will A Brands Next Big Move Be A Journalism Department?  This is a great article on brand journalism-

Why Do Affluent Consumers Connect w/ Brands on Social Networks?  An interesting study that shows that everyone has their own agenda when it comes to SM


Top Facebook Brand Page Growth and Key Trends-  Good stuff

So Brands can now be tagged in Pictures!  Big whoop right?  Well, check this out first

Sleazy PR Firm Throws Scummy Facebook Under the Sordid Bus:  Interesting piece of news unfolding here- THANKS CHAD


7 Ways Smart Businesses are Leveraging Klout-   Klout is basically a score card for influencers online-  

60 Ways Personalization is Changing Marketing

7 Social Media Marketing Essentials for Brands

20+ Easy Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk-  For those days that there is free cake in the kitchen


Speaking Up in Class, Silently, Using Social Media

Want Better Grades?  New Study Says Try Facebook


Cool Guerrilla marketing Paintball Gun!

Spectacular Coca-Cola 3D 125th Anniversary Illumination

Local Brewer Pokes Fun at Big Beer Brand Ad Claims-  Genius-





Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles"

So now the question is out there in the stream.  What happens to a world that only recieves information they want?  Do those people grow, and do they learn?

I love ideas like this so much it hurts :)  Another perspective, a view that I didn't see before, but was always there waiting.